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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wouldn't you know it. Just as I posted the last entry, he woke up and was incomprehensible again. But we figured out he needed to use the commode, and he is sound asleep again.


  1. Neal & Sherri,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. It seems so little we can do, but know that friends are holding all of your family in our thoughts. I wish that we could be closer to be of some help. Our love, Paula & Tim Trevithick

  2. Neal and Sherri,

    Tony has been in my prayers since the very beginning. I too am praying through my tears and wishing there was more to do. My heart goes out to you.

    Love to all of you,
    Lisa Peckham

  3. So glad you got to have a real conversation with Tony earlier. Praying for comfort and peace for all of you.


    Kathy Sue