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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rumor control posting... because of some miscommunication within and without our family, some things need to be clarified.

(1) While Tony is not going back to MD Anderson, this does not mean he is stopping all treatments. He intends to continue treatments, but do them from Alaska rather than travel to Houston. The doctor at MD Anderson said he would call the doctor in Anchorage and pass along a treatment we can try.

(2) The number of 8-16 or so weeks has been tossed around. This is the number of weeks the doctors anticipate for anyone who takes no treatment. However; we plan to continue treatments.

(3) We have been told from the beginning that there is no cure for this cancer. The treatments are intended to manage the symptoms and slow the growth. For unknown reasons, some people are cured while being treated.

Please continue to pray for him...God willing, prayers are the only thing that can cure him.

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  1. Just a reminder...
    God is Awesome, Great, and Wonderful. He can do anything!!
    We constantly remember Tony and your family in our prayers. Our church is praying for Tony. Our extended famliy and friends are praying for Tony. We love you all so much!
    Shawn, Pam, Loryn, and Lance