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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He had a seizure in his arm today -- the first one since he has been on this new medicine. Two things were different today...(1) we tried to administer a couple of his medicines an hour apart in hopes that it would make him less light-headed/dizzy and (2) he played for an hour or two last night on a Gameboy that a friend brought over. The game was Gold, and was a bit more than he could understand what with his overly-medicated brain.

Today, he gets an MRI, has a doctor appointment, and may get a chemo infusion if his blood test results from yesterday allow it. The MRI has to be mailed to Houston and compared to previous ones, so we probably won't know until Friday what the results are.

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  1. Oh man, Gold was a bit more complicated? Dang...well glad to see he was able to get the other color...