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Monday, July 26, 2010

He is having more trouble finding the words he needs to communicate. He often uses the wrong word consistently even when reminded of what the right word is. Today, he directed us in clearing his shelves of old stuff and reorganizing them. He knows exactly what he wants even if we can't always understand. Right now, he wants to see a movie, and we can not figure out what it is he wants to see.

The right side of his mouth is not moving, and his speech is slurring a little. However; he is still fairly easy to understand. He much prefers to use the portable stool in his room rather than walk or wheel to the is much easier for him and for us.

His blood work came back low again, so he probably will not be able to start chemo yet. He has been off chemo for a couple of weeks now waiting for his body to recover for another treatment. he had a physical therapist work with him some today. That has helped him move a little better.

Since he has been having headaches every morning lately, we may give him his pain medicine before the headache rather than wait for it to show up each day.

It seems as if the tumor is winning; please pray for him.

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  1. The Lord is Good, keep the faith. Prayers are said continously for all of you.