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Friday, July 9, 2010

He is going to have a significant change in medication direction. The doctor talked with the pharmacist, and the pharmacist said the likely culprit of the communication problems is not the Keppra, but instead the Vimpat. We are going to cut the Vimpat dosage in half immediately.

This makes a lot of sense. Tony got a little 'dizzy' with Vimpat anyway, and we doubled his Vimpat dosage just 2-3 days before he started the new medicine. He was a little dizzy after the doubling for a day or so, and the pharmacist says the new medicine works sort of like Vimpat.

We have been told to expect a small improvement tomorrow, and a big improvement by Monday. Fortunately, Tony probably won't remember any of this...he is so out-of-it.

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