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Friday, July 30, 2010

Today, he is pretty zonked out. He isn't really responding much, but we have a pretty good grasp of what he says when he says it. So I'd say his communication has improved a bit over yesterday.

We had a really nice visit with him for about half an hour in the wee hours this morning. He woke us up, and (in a very sleepy almost sleep-talking way) talked about wanting to return to college and how much he enjoyed the marching band trips to away games.

He is now using some patches to keep any pain in control. He is eating less than he was, and he is starting to have some trouble swallowing his pills. He fell out of bed earlier today, but some friends have loaned us an electric bed with rails that we can use to raise his head and feet without having to use lots of is nice. When he fell, he scraped his right hand, and it hurt. This seems odd since that is the arm he can't feel, but apparently he can still feel some pain in it.

With each apparent setback, he seems to accept it pretty much in stride. When we have asked how he feels about the changes, he has said "it's what I've got" with an air of matter-of-fact acceptance.

He isn't on the computer anymore. He had collected quite a few characters, but since he accidentally saved over his Pokemon game, he hasn't been interested in starting over.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for your prayers.

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