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Sunday, July 4, 2010

He fell last night trying to get back in bed. Dizziness is bad enough, but dizziness with a leaden leg and arm makes it much worse. We have borrowed a wheelchair and walker because, this morning, he asked about getting one. He didn't use either today, but may want to later. His medication leaves him confused at times, and at a loss for the right words. We will talk to the doctor Tuesday to see if something should be changed in his medication.

We held a very brief worship service at home today since he didn't get out again. A friend from church mowed our yard today...thank you. It needed it badly.

Tony says he feels like the tumor is growing, and is beginning to talk like he wants to go to Texas/Arkansas and stay there for the treatments. He says flying is hard on him, and I think he wants to see his friends in Arkansas, and wants to be closer to his doctors. The plan might be to stay in Arkansas, and drive to Houston for treatments. I don't know.

Please pray for the Lord to show us what to do next.

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  1. I so appreciate your regular postings on this blog. I don't know Tony, but am friends of the Albins. I check your site every day and pray for Tony regularly. I am inspired by his strength and tenacity, and his will to fight this detestable thing know as cancer. You are always in my prayers Tony. Keep up the good fight!