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Monday, January 26, 2009

We had a setback today

He developed a fever about 3AM. After talking with the nurse, the fever was knocked down with Advil. He was still hurting, and threw up later on.

About 1PM the doctor said he needed to go back to the Arkansas hospital. Unfortunately, this entailed driving 100 miles in freezing rain and mist. The two-hour drive turned into almost six hours. The last few miles were impassable in a sports car, so the nurse came and picked them up in her four-wheel drive (did I ever say we have a really nice nurse and doctor). The car is parked at a local hotel until the roads thaw.

A CT scan shows the brain to be doing well with some recovery already. The problem appears to be steroid withdrawals. Due to some sort of miscommunication, he was supposed to be taking them, but he was not sent home with any.

He and Mom will be staying the night in the hospital and another day or two until he stabilizes. A bed and chair have been set up in his room, and Mom will stay there basically round-the-clock.

A request to you guys in Arkansas...please don't get out and risk your safety trying to visit. He can't have visitors, and Sherri doesn't want anyone to get hurt trying to visit her. Please stay home until the roads thaw.

Your prayers are welcome...icy roads or not.


  1. Praise God for safe travel in this mess of an ice storm! If the two of them need anything, please let them know to call one of us. We're here to help!

  2. You need to come home where the roads are safe and ice free - ha ha.

  3. Oh yea - Andrew wanted me to tell you he sent you a note, but couldn't find it posted anywhere, but wanted you to know they were thinking of you and praying for you.