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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thank you to Tony's friends from church, RFC, the music department, and who knows where else. You collected money, provided rides, provided lodging, went shopping, did laundry, brought food and gifts, moved Tony out of his dorm room, and kept us company even when you couldn't visit him after the surgery. Before surgery, you helped provide an uplifting and spiritual atmosphere. RFC embraced his sister and made her feel completely welcome and comfortable. These are all things we could not have done by ourselves...if we could have done them at all.

Friends in Alaska provided meals, booked airline tickets while our power was out, took care of our dogs, provided transportation to the airport, and watched our house while we were gone.

Your selfless acts of friendship and kindness enabled us to focus on taking care of Tony while maintaining our sanity. We were able to visit Tony knowing that anything we really needed would be taken care of. As sick as this may sound, you actually made the trip sort of fun.

I know the journey isn't over, but your support during this initial and most stressful time will never be forgotten. I hope we can return at least a portion to you someday (but don't be getting any brain tumors's not worth it).

Love all of you,
Neal for Sherri, Tony, and Randi.

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