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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tumor pathology not known yet

The tumor is not a typical one and tests have been inconclusive, so it is being referred to a specialist. It will be several days before we know more. The time delay doesn't really matter because if any followup treatment is needed, it couldn't be done for at least 3 weeks anyway. So the tumor could be a good one or a bad one...we still don't know. Please pray for a good one.

He didn't get a new room today because the hospital is full, and there were no rooms to move him to. He can probably move tomorrow.

Please let people know that he can't have visitors yet. He enjoys it so much that the excitement causes his head to throb. The medicine to stop the throbbing makes him feel bad. We will let you know when his head is up to visitation.

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  1. Hi Neal, Sherri, Tony, and Randi,

    Thanks for all the undates - it helps with all our restlessness, as we so much want to help. I am so happy to hear the surgery went so well, and that he is recovering well!! We'll continue to send our thoughts, prayers, and all the positive energy we can down your way.