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Monday, January 19, 2009

Surgery tomorrow and maybe a good turn of events

The operation should be between 1.5 and 3 hours, but is expected to be about 2 hours. He will be awakened immediately after the surgery, and recovery is 3-5 days in the hospital at which point it will be decided whether he will need to stay in the Fayetteville area for followups or can stay at his Grandparents 2 hours away in Oklahoma.

The minister where he worships will be in surgery and able to keep the family updated throughout the process.

The possible good news is that the doctor spoke with some peers, and now he believes the tumor may be treatable by surgery only without chemo or radiation followup. Please keep up the prayers so we can make this tumor as easy to get rid of as possible.

It all starts with getting his head shaved at 7:00 AM CST.


  1. This is indeed great news. You are in my every thought and I love you all.

  2. Tony (and family),

    I hope and pray that the surgery goes well, and group of friends (whom you met here at harding) and i are meeting in the morning to pray for you as you go into surgery.

  3. Great news! What a testament to the power of prayer. You are in our thoughts and prayers several times a day. We love you all and pray for nothing but the best outcome.

  4. Wonderful news, Tony and the rest of the Collins' family is in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember Neal that you and your families trust in God is the foundation of your soul. May God bless Tony, you and everyone involved with this chapter in Tony's life.

  5. Tony and family,

    You are all in my prayers. I love you. May God bless you in your times of need.