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Saturday, January 24, 2009

He is out of the hospital!!!

He was dismissed this morning, and is staying with his roommate's family. His Mom is staying with him. He can't fly for 5-6 weeks at least so Oklahoma will be home for awhile. The University allowed him to withdraw without any penalties, and they are ready for him next semester.

The bandages are off, and his hair is already starting to grow back from being cut off for surgery. he will be back to Fayetteville sometime next week to have the staples (I guess they didn't use sutures) removed from his scalp. His Mom says the incision is healing really well.

I wanted to have a celebration gathering so people could see him (since he hadn't been able to have visitors), but it didn't work out; he still tires out really fast. He will be back to Fayetteville for followup visits. Once he feels good enough, some sort of 'party' can be scheduled.

There are couple of specific things we can pray for besides his general full recovery. (1) He doesn't yet have full detail control of his right makes it very difficult and frustrating to type and use his computer. That is expected to improve over the next two weeks, but it wouldn't hurt to push it along with prayer. Until then, he might not respond to emails or be on Guild Wars. (2) We can continue to pray that the tumor be a good one that doesn't require further treatment. A final analysis is still probably a week or more away.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

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