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Friday, January 30, 2009

He is being dismissed from the Hospital today

The staples will be removed, and he will be discharged today. During this stay, they have figured out the combination of pain medication, steroids, and anti-seizure medicines that work best for Tony. Prilosec will be added to the mix because the steriods don't settle well in his stomach.

The plan is to come back in 2 weeks to visit with an oncologist about possible treatments.

The gas tank door is still ice-filled, and can't be opened. They are going to try and thaw it out at a car wash so they can buy gas.


  1. Wow. We missed so much! We have had no power since Monday, and am just now able to access internet from my office at church. (Friday evening). You will remain in our prayers daily. We love you!

  2. Well the car wash worked great Tony sorry I didn't come up to say bye I had a phone interview at 3. But ya dudelet me know when your comin back to town this time alright haha.

  3. Dear Tony,

    I am in your grandfather's Sunday school class.
    The hold class has you in our prayers and thoughts. I sent a card for you to your grandfather (Larry Collins) If you could update me with a address I will send them directly to you.

    Linda Cloyd