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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maybe coming home Saturday

He is feeling good, and should be dismissed from the hospital tomorrow. His oxygen levels are good without the need for supplemental oxygen. He is back to his fairly normal self. We are little concerned that his blood pressure has returned to normal, but continues to fall every day; however, the doctors are not worried.

The doctors are split on whether he should fly home right away or not. Some are saying it isn't a problem (mostly the men). Some are saying it is risky because of the recent pulmonary problem (mostly the women). Some are saying it will always be risky for him to fly, so fly now or fly later is all the same. I think it is going to come down to his choice, and his choice would be to board a plane straight from the hospital.

If he does come home this weekend, they would fly straight from Houston to Anchorage...non-stop if possible. He would like to stop and visit in Fayetteville, but the doctors are advising him to get home as directly as possible. I think there are still a lot of things that can go wrong, and they want him in travel mode as little as possible.

Let's pray that whatever the doctors and Tony decide, that it works out well. Pray for his Mom too, she will be a nervous wreck on the plane worrying about him.

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  1. Neal

    Brenda and I both will be praying that your family can all be together for Christmas. I am sure Randi will be heaed home also. I am sure it will be a special time. It is just great that Tony is doing better. We have not had the opportunity to actually meet Tony as we had with Randi but I am sure he is a great young man.

    And with out a doubt your wife is in our prayers to.

    God Bless and ya'll have a great Christmas