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Monday, December 14, 2009

Coming HOME!!???!!

Lord willing, Tony and Sherri will arrive Tuesday (tomorrow) about noon at the address below.

Great Circle Flight Services
6121 S. Airpark Pl

It is an awkward time of day, but if anyone wants to meet them, the address is off of Raspberry road on the way out toward Kincaid Park. There is room to wait for them if you are so inclined.
This is a non-stop flight arranged through the Corporate Angel Network. This network pairs cancer patients in need of transportation to and from cancer centers with corporate jets that have vacant seats going that way. This happens to be a ConocoPhillips flight.

They have moved out of the RV park and are in a hotel near the airport for tonight.

Thanks to ConocoPhillips and the Corporate Angel Network for this service, and ultimate thanks to God who is the architect of everything good.


  1. YAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!! Oh I hope it all works out! My fingers are crossed!!!! :D

  2. We will be there in spirit . . . :o)

  3. I'm SO happy for him. I can't WAIT to come home and see him. I hope that the flight went alright and he is okay!