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Monday, November 2, 2009

You can leave Comments now...

I think I figured out how to enable comments without your having to have a Google account. Give it a try if you want.
When you post the comment, (1) Click on the link '0 Comments' or '1 Comments' or whatever the number is. (2) Type your message. (3) Select the option "Name/URL" in the 'Comment as' box under the message. (4) Type your name in the Name field and leave the URL blank. (5) Click Post Comment and it will ask you to type in some sort of funny word. (6) Type in the funny word. (7) Click Post Comment.


  1. Just giving it a try. Glad you made it home okay!

  2. This sounds like interesting news to me. It will be good to see you come HOME finally.

  3. Sherri,Neal,Tony: It all sounds promising to me. Hope he goes home soon.

  4. Lois Cooper said...It seems like you are kind in untried waters. I sure hope it works out. Neal was laser discussed or the Cyber Knife? The laser worked well on my brother's tumor but his might have been where they could treat it. They just killed his and it is still there but has never changed and doesn't bother him where it is. I am glad that you are all together. Is Randi in school? Hope all works out. Lois We have you are our prayer list at church. God knows what he is doing.

  5. Neal, I thought they had told you they couldn't operate as it would be disasterous for his well-being. Has that changed or is it because you are in a different place, different doctors, etc. Everything sounds promising (or as promising as it can be at this juncture). Do you have Randi's cell phone number? Her birthday is day after tomorrow and we want to wish her a happy birthday. Want to send her cash so she can use it without worrying about banks, etc., but don't know if she will get it or if it is like it was with Tony. Suggestions, please. If she has a bank account, we could use her account number and the bank number and name of bank to have our bank wire the money into her account. Just let us know, please. Again, thanks for the updates and we know how much prayer does so will continue our prayers and ask for those of our friends. We love you all and think of you constantly. G & G Collins

  6. Bill & Gail McCaughanNovember 3, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    Thank you for keeping us all informed on Tony's progress. Our prayers are with you all. God Bless, Bill & Gail McCaughan

  7. As far as operating again, we had been told that it was impossible without some pretty serious effects on his abilities. This comes from talking to a different doctor. We would want quite a few questions answered before we went down that path.