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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More schedule changes...for the good

Surgery is definitely on for Thursday the 19th -- tomorrow. He will probably be out of the hospital on Sunday. There will be a two-week followup visit likely on Friday December the 4th. Then he can go back to Alaska for good. They said we could do the viral study followups in Dec, Jan, and Feb from Alaska without having to go to Houston.

His Mom, maternal grandparents, and a couple of friends from Arkansas plan to be there for the surgery.

The doctor says that since Tony has so few symptoms from the tumor right now, the surgery has a very low chance of causing problems. The most likely risk is more permanent numbness (really loss of proprioception) in his right arm. If it happens, he might require some therapy to get used to it or to get over it (I'm not sure which). The doctor also believes that by getting the tumor now and doing it while Tony is awake, that he can get enough of it that chemo can finish off the rest. Of course he can't promise that, and doesn't...but he thinks that is the most likely scenario.

May we have your prayers and wishes for a good outcome...

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