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Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing MRI's

He met with the surgeon today, and is cleared to go home as far as the surgeon is concerned. He still needs to meet with the oncologist on Friday before he might be able to come home.

The new MRI's are amazing. With his January surgery, there was a white area (tumor) before surgery, and a somewhat smaller white area afterwards which was supposedly post-surgical changes, but apparently was tumor. This time, there was a white area before surgery, but now the MRI shows just a big black hole. There is no white area left. The doctor did leave the tumor 'leg' that goes deep into his brain, and there is a tiny spot smaller than a pea left on another part. A third small white area shows up, but the surgeon said he saw that area during surgery, and it was not tumor. The surgeon is confident both the 'leg' and the 'pea' can be handled by the oncologist.

The surgeon said the numbness spell Tony had over the weekend is normal during healing. Tony had played video games that day, so it is likely that his healing brain was just overworked. Just like if you operate on a leg, you have to take it easy while it heals...he will have to take it easy on games for awhile.

The surgeon and the oncologist want Tony to come back to Houston monthly for a few months so they can monitor the situation and remain his primary doctors. Based on the results thus far, it sounds like a good idea.

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