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Monday, November 2, 2009

The MRI results are in

The MRI results are in, and the doctors don't quite know what to make of them. They don't show the 'hole' in the tumor the doctor is hoping to see based on past patients. The radiologists calculate that the tumor has shrunk just a little, but the doctor doesn't think so even though he does see some small changes in the tumor. Since this is all so new, they don't know if these results are good news or not.

The next scheduled MRI is the 18th. The doctor said depending on the results then, he would not rule out another surgery for removal of the tumor. We thought any further surgery was off-the-table at this point, so this is a new and surprising alternative.

Because of Tony's brief numbness over the weekend, they have stopped ramping down his steroids. He will maintain the current level for a week or so and see what happens.

Tony's blood work shows everything looking good except his liver enzymes which have crept up. This could be due to the virus, so they are watching that closely. It is more likely from the anti-seizure drugs and steroids. Either way, he won't take anything to correct this just yet because they need to know if this is related to the trial or not.

He gets his stitches out on Friday.

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  1. We have never met Tony, However he is a friend of Stephanie Clark's from the U of A. I am her dad. Just wanted you to know that our small group bible study. Is praying hard for Tony, just thought it maybe comforting to know a lot of people you may not even know are praying for Tony's recovery.

    John Clark