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Monday, August 2, 2010

He had a very rough night. He woke up a couple of times complaining of severe pain, but it went away after he used the commode. Pills are very hard to administer, so we are going to get liquid versions of as many of his medicines as we can.

It looks like his platelet count has not come up. He is getting new bruises too easily, and old bruises are growing instead of healing.

We think he finally understands that he won't be getting any more treatments. He asked when we were going to have his next blood test to see if he could have chemo. We told him that the doctors don't have any more treatments for him, that all we can do is pray for God to heal him, but that if he does get better, we can do some treatments. He lapsed back to sleep right after that...we only get a few seconds once or twice a day where we believe he understands us and we understand him, then he falls asleep.

On a related note, please pray for and support his sister. She will be going back to Arkansas this Wednesday to start work and to get ready for her sophomore year, and will likely be saying goodbye to her big brother for the last time. She fully comprehends what is going on. She will be traveling with her best friend to keep her company. They plan to see the sights around Fayetteville for a few days before her friend returns to Alaska.

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  1. Dear Neil and Sherri - We are so proud of you and your sweet family. please know that your family is in our constant prayers for peace and for Tony's comfort. It is so wonderful that you get the chance to say everything you want to say. We lost a son at 18 months, and never really got to know him. Tony has had such a profound impact on so many people. The blessing is in knowing that his future is sealed. We love you very much and continue to pray. Love, Bill & Pam Ragland