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Friday, May 7, 2010

Tony is feeling better since this is his week off of the medicines. Next week he will be in Houston for an MRI and to start the next round of treatments. This MRI (at 8 weeks) will be the first one that has the potential to show whether or not the new treatment is working.

He is bored here, but not as bored as he is in Houston. He still gets his words confused sometimes saying the opposite from what he means (upper vs lower, pitcher vs catcher), but it went away last time when he got off his medicine...hopefully it will again.

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  1. Hi from G & G Collins. We will certainly be sending prayers and positive thoughts for the new MRI to show improvement. Have thought a lot about all of you this past week. How long do you think you will be in Houston this time? If possible, we might come down and visit briefly again. We'll see as we are still on the road on our trip. My blog is You can keep up with us on that. Love you all and send not only our thoughts but our strongest prayers. Happy Mother's Day, Sherri and many more to come. Love and hugs -- Barb and Dad