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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The MRI results show that the tumor might have grown a little bit, but they can't tell for sure because the image was taken at a slightly different angle than the last one. However; swelling is way down from before, and that is a good sign. The doctors want him to remain on this treatment since it might be working when all others have failed so far.

He has to stay in Houston for a few extra days. His white blood cell count is too low to take the carboplatin (chemo) infusion today. They think he will be able to take the chemo on Thursday and fly home Friday...but that depends on his blood count.

His symptoms are worse in Houston, but the doctors said that is not unusual. Patients often don't want to leave home, don't want to travel, don't want to see the doctor, don't want to be in the hospital, don't want to be in Houston, and that amplifies any problems. The doctors think he will return to 'normal' when he gets home.

Physical therapy has been ordered for him because he has lost too much strength due to a combination of inactivity and tumor-related issues.

The doctor has cleared him to drive from a seizure perspective, but told us to try it out on some very low-traffic areas and take an honest assessment of his abilities. While possible seizures appear to be under control, it is a question of how much control he has of his right foot for gas and braking.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

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