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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some clarifications for the better

The mixed interpretation of the MRI results has a little more explanation, and it makes us feel better too. The first radiologist saw nothing out of normal. A second pointed out some thickening of the brightness area around the surgery site. This could be tumor growth, but most likely is post-surgical changes and healing. As the tumor dies, it attracts the MRI contrast dye, and creates a bright spot similar to the way a tumor looks. That means we have something to keep an eye on, but it doesn't mean there is a problem.

The doctor said this is all normal, and something we will be dealing with for a long time. That is why he puts so much emphasis on seeing the patient on a regular basis. He can tell which way to read the MRI by looking at and visiting with a patient. He sees nothing but good health in his visits with Tony.

So I think we can take this as good news overall.

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