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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He is feeling better

His Mom is with him now. He feels better now that he has been given steroids to knock down the swelling in his brain. He seems to turning more positive emotionally, but still isn't up to visitors. He is glad his Mom is there.

He wasn't surprised too much by news of the tumor coming back. He knew he didn't feel right again after he had felt good most of the summer, but the doctor kept telling him this is 'normal' and part of the healing process.


  1. I am glad that Sherri made it to his side safely. That is a long exhausting trip. Something about having your mom there helps make it all better--just wish she could kiss this one and make it go away.......
    Let us know, Neal if there is anything we can do for you all down in Houston. We have 2 empty rooms, a car you all could borrow, and a church that is praying for you and ready to love on you all if we can......

  2. Tony I LOVE YOU and the entire Razorback Marching Band is praying for you, as well as my church. We all love you so much, and we know you will get through this!