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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maybe not a tumor?

The doctors have conferred, and the prognosis has changed somewhat. The last doctor apologizes for "hitting the panic button" as he put it. The latest explanation is that this kind of brain swelling does commonly occur 3-9 months after radiation treatment. So just because there is swelling doesn't mean there is a tumor. However; the doctor does think there is some tumor mixed in with the post-operative healing (scar tissue) and radiation damage.

The plan is still to send him to MD Anderson. The expectation is that he will undergo a 'fancy' MRI that can distinguish scar tissue from tumor from radiation damage, etc. Basically, it should show exactly what is going on.

Your thoughts and prayers are still needed and appreciated...maybe they can turn this panic-button into good news down the road.

Sorry about the ups and downs on this. Sometimes I wonder if I should wait to post news and in that way even out the ride a bit.


  1. Sometimes a journal like this is a release that you may need. Keep it up. The prayers are flowing and in abundance!

  2. ya and its also a lil easier to understand what everyone's going through. This often helps people know what all they can be praying for too. thanks for keeping us updated

  3. Tony's dad, keep sharing with us. It is probably good for you and we are praying for Tony and the rest of the family. Ron

  4. Keep up with the posting of news. This helps all of us with our daily prayers to know the day to day issues. Also, since we are all family we need to experience the ups and downs. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  5. Maybe it's not a tumor BECAUSE you posted and we began to pray fervently again. Maybe God is still working on something we can't quite see yet. Maybe there is somebody else to be touched by this story. Maybe . . . you should just keep posting 'cause it helps the rest of us feel connected to you.

    Love you all!

  6. I agree with Stephanie. God is faithful...and His providence is at work here, whether this respite is short or long. We know the you are all in His hands as you walk this valley. Your words help us to focus our prayers on your behalf. Keep writing!
    Judy Michael