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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tacos for breakfast?

He has read 250 pages of one of the books he bought yesterday. He was reading still at 1:30 AM, and probably would have read longer if he hadn't been reminded to get some rest. Right now, he is playing on the Xbox with one of his friends in Alaska.

He is still taking pain medication as needed, but it is only about once a day now.

It does him good to get out every day, so today they went to get the free Denny's breakfast that was being advertised. The nearest Denny's was out of business, and a Taco business caught Tony's eye after that, so they had Mexican for breakfast.

Today he plans to reserve a dorm room for the fall semester. This is the first in a series of enrollment deadlines for the fall.


  1. Sweet! Mexican for breakfast can't be that! Glad to see your out and about Tony

  2. Mexican for breakfast works for me. We are so glad that you are doing better Tony.

    Uncle Glen, Aunt Kristy, Zach, AJ and Parker