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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another boring day (boring isn't bad)

He was playing video games when I called. His Mom wants him to get out and walk for some exercise, but walking doesn't interest him, and we don't have doctor approval for anything more strenuous.

His feels fine all day until bed time, then there is a little bit of discomfort. We assume that means he has healed to the point that he can handle a day's worth of activity before his brain says "enough!"

He wants to go to Arkansas for the area-wide devotional coming up. It will be a perfect chance to catch up with his friends there.

We still don't know what kind of follow-up treatments may be required.


  1. Wow Tony, sounds like you replicated my childhood experience pretty well. I mean, the circumstances are eerily the same. I believe I had a grade 3 astrocytoma, I had a relapse a couple weeks after surgery and had to go back to hospital for a week or so. AND on the way back to the hospital there was a thunderstorm. Same after-effects, same motor function issues, but I also had to wear an eye patch to help with vision problems (Argh, matey!)

    Just had to drop a line and wish you well. If your experience continues like mine, I think you'll find that God will present you with many blessings and opportunities from this trial.

    Heb. 3:13

  2. WOW!!! So proud of how you are coming along. We love the blogs that keep us up to date. We can pass the information along to our various prayer groups and all those people who love and care for us. Love you loads....

    Grandpa and Grandma Collins