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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready for appointments tomorrow

Tony and his Mom went to Fayetteville tonight to attend the Tuesday night devotional and stay the night for tomorrow's appointments.

Tony brought his golf discs and tennis equipment hoping the doctor will clear him to go play. I hope he can at least play disc golf...I think he is needing to get outside.

It started raining and blowing hard, and even hailed. Tony said he hasn't seen hail down there before. Apparently having too many Alaskans down there at one time is bad for the weather.

Please pray for a good news tomorrow.

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  1. Alaskans had nothing to do with it unless we were inundated with same - Texas was awful last night. What, pray tell, is disc golf? For those of us who are computer idiots, you have to be more specific. I imagine the most strenuous thing he will be able to do outside is walk - at least, for a while, but here's hoping. Our prayers and thoughts are constantly with you - please let us know as soon as you can. Love and hugs - Grandpa and Grandma Collins aka Dad and Barb