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Saturday, October 10, 2009

We had a great day today. Tony is fully engaged, and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects from the activities.

We are looking forward to Monday to find out if he will be accepted into the trial. If he is, he will be in Houston for a month or more since he has to wait another week to let the chemo medicine levels drop before the biopsy and injection, then probably a month after that for frequent followup visits. The the biopsy and injection are planned for October 19th or 20th. If he is not accepted into the trial, he will likely pick up some different medicine, and would leave Houston that day or the next.

The biopsy has some possibly interesting twists to it. If it turns up aggressive cancer, he would be in the trial. If it turns up mild cancer, I don't know what happens but it might mean other treatments would work. If it turns up not cancer, he would be out of the trial...but we would know that area isn't cancer.

Interesting note: the trial is being sponsored by the owner of Home Depot.

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