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Monday, March 22, 2010

He had a numbness in his arm Sunday morning during worship. He took his medicine right after worship and took a nap which cleared it up. Still, we want these things to stop - not continue.

Today seemed to be okay. He got to spend the day with his sister, and catch up with a friend from many years ago.


  1. Hi all, we can't begin to tell you how much our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. What an ordeal this has been for Tony. Please let him know how pround we are of him and how much we admire him for his fortitude and courage. What we would like to know is how long you expect to be in Houston. Your dad and I would like to make a trip down your way to visit with you before we make our treks all over the country. We had thought about coming the week before Easter, but I am in charge of our church's Easter Sunrise Service so will probably be making last minute preparations that week; however, the week after Easter is open and we were wondering if we could come see you then. You mentioned you were staying in a trailer park. Would they accept our travel trailer for a couple of days (for a fee, of course)? We thought we could come down Tuesday, April 6th and stay until the 9th or 10th or whenever it is convenient for all of you. Please let us know what you think and again, please know our thoughts are with you always. Love to everyone.......Dad and Barb

  2. Just found out recently about all this your family has been dealing with...I have read all your posts, they're so well done. Want you all to know that we are continuing in prayer for Tony and your whole family. For those reading this who may not know-I am old school mate and neighbor of Sherri's, we live across the mile from Reuben and Colleen. Sounds like you have an amazing support system of friends and family, I am so glad. We can be so thankful to our Heavenly Father Who gives us "peace that passeth all understanding". I know you cherish that peace, you all are being "light and salt" through this time. Give Sherri a hug for me.--Love, Melinda Schmeling