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Friday, August 14, 2009

Doing great...moves into the dorm Saturday

He had an appointment with the oncologist. The doctor says he is doing great, and there are no restrictions on his activities. He is already looking forward to volleyball, soccer, softball, etc.

His hair is almost all back. It is still blond in spots, but it slowly turns dark as it grows out. The scar still shows when his hair is short, but I think longer hair will mostly cover it up.

He has been referred to a local primary care physician to treat any ills that turn up during school and coordinate with the oncologist as needed. They plan an MRI at the end of September...part of the periodic monitoring program.

Tomorrow we move him into the dorms to start his sixth semester in college. From here on, it might be a while between posts since we likely won't get nearly so much information on him while he is in school.

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