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Sunday, June 14, 2009

He is home

He is home from Scotland. He got in today at 11AM, and he looks good. At least to our eyes, he seems to have developed more stamina and he just seems to feel better than when he left. He had a wonderful time, and talked non-stop about the trip on the way home.

He was tired from the flight, and from a very short sleep the night before, but he intended to stay up to get back on the local schedule. That lasted until about 4:00. He laid down to take a short nap, and he is still solidly asleep. He tried to wake up for evening worship, but was so sleepy he decided to go back to bed.

He has regrown hair everywhere except in a softball-sized area...maybe a bit bigger...directly over the tumor area.

He had an unexpected encounter there. It occurred as they were playing with one of the hosting flute groups in one of the concerts, and they were changing positions for the next song. A young male flute player was jostling by to get to position when he asked Tony "brain tumor?" Tony said "yes", and the guy said he had an astrocytoma removed 4 years ago. They didn't get to talk any more afterward, but it was cool to see someone else doing well long after a similar situation.

He will stay on the same seizure-prevention medicine this week, but next week they plan to switch him to one that is easier to keep in the effective range and isn't supposed to make him tired. Let's hope that works well.

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