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Saturday, May 2, 2009

He is Home!

He got in a little early Thursday night, and had a group of about 20 meet him at the airport. Thanks to everyone who met him!

Friday, he played Frisbee golf in Peter's Creek park, and was song leader and chaperon at an overnight lock-in for the high school church group. Tonight he went to a choir concert his sister was in, and is out with his friends now. He won't be allowed to drive until October or later, so he will be looking for rides once-in-a-while.

From here on (up to a year or two), he will have a four-week cycle of chemo treatment. The cycle is five days of treatment followed by 23 days off with a blood test during that time to monitor his health and medicine levels. The chemo dosage is higher that it was during radiation, so there may be some side effects he didn't have before. There will also be an MRI near the end of summer.

Blog updates might be less frequent now. Maybe once a week or so...definitely when we get blood test and MRI results, and as we see how the new chemo dosage works out.

Thanks for following his progress, and thanks a bunch for your prayers.

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  1. Hooray, and thank God for the great work He has done in Tony's life!