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Sunday, March 8, 2009

He lost some hair this weekend

Saturday, he lost a patch of hair. The patch is a bit bigger today; a little bigger than a couple of postage stamps one above the other. The doctor had said to expect this 2-3 weeks into the treatments, and we are at 2.5 weeks. Each day's treatment is composed of 5 different radiation shoots (shoots probably isn't the technical term), and 3 of the shoots are pointed at the spot now losing hair.

We think he is disappointed that he is losing hair, but he says it doesn't bother him when we ask. He has taken to wearing his hat to minimize the questions and stares.

He had a fun weekend. We were out of internet contact (at his grandparents) but he got to play frisbee, catch, basketball, and other stuff with some of his cousins. Nothing with contact, but a little bit of running (to catch bad throws) and plenty of time outside.

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